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Gin Rummy

The game Gin Rummy is played all over the world but mostly it is played in United States. This game is also played online. This game has also many variations and Oklahoma variation is much played game. This game is also popular as Gin for short. It is known that this game is formed by Elwood T. Baker and C. Graham Baker in 1909. Hollywood Gin, Single match, Oklahoma Gin, Multi-match all these are the variations of the game Gin. So the game Gin is really much interesting and simple to learn but really needs good skill and strategy to be play the game wonderfully.

How to play Gin Rummy?
This game is generally for two players but more than two players can also play the game and number of players can be up to 6. If the game is between two players then 10 cards are dealt to each player. The first 21 cards are placed face up next to the deck and these cards are used to form the discard pile. And the remaining cards are placed face down next to the discard pile to form the stock pile. At each turn players discard cards from the discard pile and from the stock pile. If a player discards a card from the discard pile, he puts another card face up on to the top of the discard file. In each turn a dealer is selected in the game.

In each turn players build melds and the melds contains of

  1. Either three or four cards of the same rank.

  2. Or, three or more cards of the same suit in consecutive order.

If a player’s set of cards are forming melds without deadwood then it is known as “Going Gin” and gets a bonus.
So when the game Gin Rummy begins each player on his turn plays like:

  1. Each player draws 1 card either from the top of the discard pile or from the top of the stock pile.

  2. The players knock during the game to end the turn and this is done by the according to certain rules.

Laying-off and Ginning
If the stock got diminished then to make a new stock pile the discarded piles are shuffled and positioned face down. And to start a new discard pile the cards which are drawn from the stock pile are placed face up to form the discard pile.

If a player has unmatched cards or deadwood cards in his hand then the player disposes all of his cards without “deadwood’ at once and this is called ginning.


If a players deadwood count is not more than 10 points then player can win the play by knocking without going gin. The opponent players can lay off their cards to the player who has knocked and only for the original sets which are matched.

For instance: If the knocker has cards with numbers 7, 8, 9, 10 and other player is laying off 6 on it then the next player should lay off the card which has the number 5. This would be helpful for reducing deadwood counts in the player’s opponent’s hands.
A player is not permitted to lay of any unmatched cards.

If a player’s opponent has lower deadwood count than the other player who knocks then the opponent wins a bonus as an undercut. The loser (knocker) of the turn gets 10 more penalty points.

Scoring for the Gin Rummy

Knocking: Sum of total deadwoods – deadwoods of knockers
Ginning: Sum of total deadwoods + 25 penalty points
Undercut: Sum of total deadwoods – deadwoods of undercutter’s.
In this a knocker gets 10 more penalty points.

The player who looses the game deals the next turn. If the two cards are remained in the stock and nobody knocks or form gin and then the turns are thrown and scores are earned. Generally the 100 points are awarded for going gin.

So the game Gin Rummy is not only interesting to play but also very tricky game and this game requires good skills and techniques to win. Due to popularity of the Rummy games these game are played over worldwide and many casinos are opened so that the players can play the game there and can earn lot of money if they wins. This game has lot of variations and all variations are interesting as well among the players. An expert plays this game with good techniques. It is also believed that to win the game luck also plays good role for a player.